This box is our flagship offering and comes with our entire menu, fully supporting you with a mix of 14 ready-made and DIY meal kits for drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, and snacks in-between. It can feed one person for about 12 days, two people for 6 days, or four people for 3 days with just an average cost per serving of $3.00!

What you get:

2 6-serving Breakfast Kits: Muffin Mix, Salted Caramel Breakfast Soak,

5 4-serving Meal Kits: Kichari (8 servings), Muladhara Chili, Buddha Bowl, Roast Veg & Quinoa, Prana Salad, Ready-made Soup

3 4-serving Snack Kits: Ready-made Raw Chocolates, Ready-made Chewy Caramel Cookies, Ready-made Nut & Seed Breakfast Bars

4 Drink Kits (the sauces are versatile can can be used in hot drinks, super food smoothies or desserts) : Yogi Chai, Cacao Bliss Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Sauce, Golden Milk Sauce

Total Servings: 78 (39 meal servings, 16 snack servings, and 22 drink servings)

Average cost per serving, including required groceries: $3.01

Dairy-free, wheat-free