Basically how it works is, we offer a variety of dry mixes with beans, rice, quinoa, and spice packs, as well as ready-made soups, sauces, dressings, drink mixes, and snacks, and you add the fresh veggies on your end to make amazing plant-based all-natural meals.

  • No subscriptions - just order what you want, when you want
  • Flat-rate shipping all over Canada!
  • Per-serving costs are under $3, including the cost of the simple groceries you need to complete your kits
  • Everything is organic, 100% Plant-based (i.e. vegan), and wheat-free
  • Recipes are easy, quick, and taste amazing

When you order, we give you a list of easy groceries you will need for your kits.  We recommend you place a pickup order with your local grocery store for added convenience.

We have 14 meal kits packaged in 4 different kit boxes that combine the kits in awesome ways at various price points. Even when you factor in the groceries you have to buy yourself, the price per serving for the Full Meal Deal Box is under $3!  When you compare this to other food delivery options, GoVeg offers the best value by far.

To order:

1) select your box

2) pay and choose shipping or pickup (If you live locally (Camrose, Alberta) you may select free pick-up as your shipping option and receive your box at Sacred Arts. You may also order your box in-store.)


3) Pick up the easy-to-find recommended groceries for your recipes.

4) Receive your box (usually 1-3 business days later)

5) Start making your recipes!

Store items you want to save for later.  Kits come with dry-goods that can be kept in your pantry, and all items requiring refrigeration are clearly labeled.  They can also be frozen for extending shelf-life even more.

Each kit comes with a recipe card with simple easy instructions on how to make your meal.